What Are Free Spins

What Are Free Spins?

Free spins are one very common kind of bonuses or promotions online casinos offer for their customers. As there are many online casinos, the competition is quite strong, and they obviously make their offers more attractive, in order to expand and maintain their customer base. As usual, such kind of competition works to the customer’s benefit – a player can easily find many attractive and lucrative offers nowadays!

The gaming menu and particular gaming experience gamblers can get in different casinos represent a kind of “specialty offer,” and these may vary quite a lot from one casino to another. But every casino gives such bonuses as a kind of “commodity offer” on their games, and every player really does need to understand how it works in order to fully enjoy the games!

This feature, in general, can help to significantly increase your winnings. The premise is simple: they are free because you don’t have to pay for them. That is why every online gambler, whether he/she is only a beginner or a VIP member with a sizeable bankroll deposited to his/her account, has an option to thoroughly enjoy playing free-of-charge for real cash wins.

No-Deposit Free Spins

Most casinos do not even ask you to deposit any money to get bonuses. This is the famous “welcome bonus” or “sign-up bonus” newbies get once they register and go through a simple verification procedure. But, as always, there are some strings attached; so you do need to understand all the implications, so you can be sure to make the best possible use out of this truly amazing gambling option!

And one such string is the wagering requirement. It goes without saying that online casinos are there not to give money away. They are there to earn money, and so are the players – because this is a game where both gamblers and the casino agree to play according to the rules, terms, and conditions. That is why the casino requires everyone to wager their money before withdrawing any winnings. A gamer needs to wager “X” times the value of the free spins before he/she can claim his/her win. Normally this is from X50 to X100 for no-deposit free spins, and from X20 to X50 for deposit ones.

There are some variations with in-game free spins too. There could be more spins offered, depending on the number of scatters a player lands. Also, there are some multipliers, expanding reels and sticky wilds and other free bonuses. Free spins are often accompanied by some nice visual and sound effects to further excite the player, especially in themed games with rich graphics.

The beginners often ask whether they can cash out the bonuses they earn during the game. No, they can’t. This is a bonus that has to be used during the game.

Different Kinds of Free Spins


Free in-game spins

A free in-game spin is a turn that you do not pay for. You could get it, for example, when playing an online slot and hit three scatters anywhere on the reels – there you are, your free spin is served! In table games, it is a free bet, which is offered to the gamer at no cost.

Wager-free free spins

This is the case when wagering requirements are not applied. Whatever you win is yours, with no devious methods or stunts involved. But these cherry-pies are very rare. Consider yourself lucky if you get one!

Super Spins

This is another rare kind of free spins online casinos are reluctantly offering. While normal free spins usually are of low value, you cannot win much on them, super spins can bring you much more! However, the snag is that they are linked to serious wagering requirements.

How to Get Free Spins

Strangely enough, you actually do need to do some research! As the casinos often update their free spin offers, it is quite necessary to check these offers quite regularly. Once you choose a casino with a generous set of free spins and venture on playing, it will only be a matter of luck whether you get many free spins or not. You could also count on getting more bonus options upon making your second, third and fourth deposits.

Expiration Period

Nothing lasts forever, nor do free spins. They do expire as well: no-deposit free spins expire in 7-30 days and the deposit ones – in 30-90 days. Find out for how long it is possible to hold off on the free spins you have got and do make sure to use them before they expire!

Capped Winnings

Also, keep in mind the casino’s capped winnings policy. Every online casino set limits: with your no-deposit free spins, you can win no more than a certain set sum of money.

Other important things to know about free spins:

  • The real money that can be earned with free spins is usually relatively small; but even so, it still feels good to use this bonus and win some money!
  • This option is usually offered once, but some online casinos give you a chance to use them several times.
  • The free spins won in one game must be used in this very game. You cannot transfer your in-game free spins to another game.
  • If you win some cash with your bonus, you still need to wager till the wagering requirement is met – only then can you claim your winnings and cash them out.


With so many reputable online casinos out there, you can find the games you like the most. Just pay due attention to the free spins issue; find out how they work, and then you can finally maximize your winnings!