RealTime Gaming Software: Taking Games Seriously

There has been an influx, or maybe even an overflow, of creative ideas in gaming software development. On the other hand, the demand for new software has not yet saturation point. But nor is that going to happen in the foreseeable future either; and RealTime Gaming Software is a pretty good example of a ground-breaking creative idea! Playing in bricks-and-mortar casinos is linked to a very specific gaming experience and the kind of atmosphere which goes along with it; and these do largely explain why the casino world is attractive to so many gamblers. However, when casino gambling first moved to the Internet and online casinos began to mushroom, a problem emerged: how to recreate or even reenact online this very same bricks-and-mortar casino experience? How is it possible to offer an online customer the closest possible illusion of playing in a real casino? How to make virtual gambling more real; or rather, more realistic? Thus, online casino software providers began to appear, and, eventually, the time of RTG has come.

The First Steps

RTG was originally founded in Atlanta, Georgia; and then it moved to Costa Rica in 2007, when the company was acquired by Hastings International. Nowadays, they operate in both locations, with some more activities in Curaçao as well (a Lesser Antilles island in the Southern Caribbean Sea). Curaçao, where Hastings International offices are also located, is one of the first jurisdictions where online gambling was regulated. The company was established in Atlanta at about the right time – in 1998, when there was already some interest in online gambling alternatives, but not many relevant software products were available. Ever since then, RTG has remained one of the most significant players in the chosen market segment. And their leadership in the online casino gambling software field remains unchallenged to this very day!  

RTG’s Products and Services

It is beyond argument that in order to ensure the products a company is offering are consistently superior, and in order to maintain its place in the market, the enterprise in question must be backed by continuous investment in research and development work, and several very good teams of the best professionals. If you already have the upper hand in any particular market segment, then as a true leader, you should already be committed to setting the tone, the pace, and the fashion; and just the pattern to follow in general! And that is what RTG have done with their enchanting slot games and fascinating table games; including poker, blackjack and many others! The vast array of online casinos using their gaming software seem perfectly capable of supplying online risk-takers with every kind of gambling experience and games they could possibly be looking for! While they initially tried to follow and imitate the kind of games played in bricks-and-mortar casinos, RealTime Gaming software was destined to develop a new range of services to fully leverage the advantages online gambling provides. Take human card dealing for an example. Some traditional casinos have introduced live shuffling machines, in an attempt to neutralize card counters, which are especially important in blackjack. But online gambling software shuffles and deals card much better, ideally dealing in a thoroughly random manner. Besides this, players are able to configure their online dealing in order to get their cards instantly, instead of having to wait until the shuffling is finished. This gives the players the chance to get more hands per hour.

Online Gaming Software – Security Issues

The introduction of RTG software to online casinos saw the primary stress being laid on security issues. This was the time when RNG (random numbers generators) and related algorithms began to be actively introduced. Although their use was considered to be a serious security factor, RTG decided to supplement them with independent audits, where the games were all rigorously tested.

Games and Features

There are many features that help RealTime Gaming software stand out from the very small crowd of software developers supplying more or less similar products to online casinos in the US. RTG’s games are fast to load, bug-free and reliable, and they are also supported on multiple platforms – desktops, smartphones, and tablets. The interface of RealTime Gaming products is user-friendly, while their graphics are sharp, expressive, and seamless. Even their sounds are realistic! Just one glance at the screen, and you can immediately see this game style is RTG. No wonder many online casinos prefer to use this software! Besides, the number of games developed and released exceeds 130, all of which are playable through the whole range of browsers; and this is another reason for the worldwide popularity of this software. Indeed, every online casino is of course highly motivated to make sure gamblers are continually flocking to their virtual doors. And that’s why casinos are constantly aiming to expand and renew the assortment of the games on offer. Slot games represent a popular and fast-growing gambling segment. RTG has created many varieties, all of which enjoy high popularity among gamblers. RTG’s table games are no less popular, covering every segment of the whole line casinos normally offer. Other popular games include Keno, as well as 18 variations of video poker! It is very convenient that you don’t need to download and install RTG’s casino games – all the games are playable on instant platforms, which are all compatible with Windows and Mac OS. However, if you want, you can download them and customize your gaming experience as well! RTG’s software allows online casino operators a great deal of flexibility, too. The casinos have an option to modify the payouts and rules. This opens a way to offer better conditions for their online customers – better payouts, nicer bonuses etc. As a result, the end users benefit from a wider range of choices, and they can pick a casino offering the best conditions for playing a specific game. In the end, the end user is the one who benefits!