Blackjack at RTG Casinos

Blackjack at RTG Casinos

RTG is a company that provides gaming software for many online casinos. The games the company has developed and designed have gained well-deserved popularity, and the casinos powered by RTG are enjoying a growing influx of risk-takers.

Among the other games, blackjack is still one of the strongest attractions. Practically every casino has it. It is particularly interesting to note that this game of chance is pretty old. The earliest records of the game we can spot belongs to XVII century when it was played in Versailles, at the court of Louis XIV of France; or about at the same time in Spain. The game was called “vingt-et-un” in France and “veintiuna” in Spain, which meant “21.” Although it is not entirely beyond the realm of possibility that the game could be much older than this. Nevertheless, it is still very popular!

When the game was first introduced to the US, it quickly acquired a new name – blackjack – as the saloon holders were offering ten-to-one payout in case player had a hand containing the jack of clubs or the jack of spades. Since then, blackjack has always remained a very popular game.

Online casinos powered by RTG software offer real money blackjack with nice payouts and very attractive set of bonuses. There are many variations of this game, including Pontoon, Blackjack Perfect Pairs, Super 21, European Blackjack, Match Play 21. There are only some minor variations in the rules to take into account; but if you know how to play there is no major problem for you to play every known variation of blackjack online!

Paying Blackjack at RTG Casinos

RTG-powered online casinos feature blackjack, along with a very convenient and suitable interface. On top of being functional and easy to use, this interface also delivers the proper ‘feel’ of blackjack as a truly risk-taking gambling adventure.

When you enter a casino site and check the preview pages of every game, you can see the rules. You can also get some training and advice on the game selected. Blackjack might seem to be a simple game, but you definitely need to know some strategies to improve your chances; many RTG-powered casinos do provide some necessary information for beginners.

Here are some keys gamblers may be still unaware of if they have not played blackjack before.

  • The “Hit” option is the basic one, and it is found in every type of blackjack. Press “Hit” to draw another card if you are not happy with the cards.
  • “Stand” is another basic functional key. Press it when/if you want to stop drawing cards.
  • The “Double Down” key is used to double your bet and to draw only one card if/when you think it will be the winning card for you.
  • The “Split” option is only available at certain types of blackjack. If you get the first two cards of the same value, you may want to split them and try to get one more extra card for each hand.
  • “Insurance” is another interesting option to use when the dealer has the Ace. In such a case, you might assume that his next card will be a 10. The cost of this insurance is half your original bet. If the dealer has got the blackjack, the insurance pays 2:1, otherwise you lose your insurance bet. If both you and the dealer have blackjack, the game ends in a push.

Playing Blackjack for Fun in RTG Casinos


In every game, however simple it may be, it is essential to get some experience and training before the direct exposure. Blackjack is really not a complicated game, but if you have never played it before, you need to learn about the game mechanics and the variance involved, which can be achieved by reading a kind of blackjack guide. However, if you are tired of reading long pieces of rules, there is one more option. Given this fact,  RTG-powered casinos offer you “Fun” mode. Playing blackjack just for fun and not for real money, you are able to develop an understanding of the game and so increase your chances of winning.

Another great option is the online blackjack tournaments that are held by many RTG casinos. You could check the blackjack tournament schedules, as these are constantly updated; then you can register for participation whenever it suits you. Such online tournaments of blackjack-loving gamblers have become increasingly popular. Everyone can play their favorite game, chat, and compete with other players online, while still relaxing at home and not having to go anywhere!

Enjoying Your Bonuses and Claiming Your Blackjack Wins

While the gaming software provided by RTG to different casinos is still the same, every casino offers different bonuses and promotions, and they also use different methods for receiving deposits and paying out wins. Sometimes players have problems with receiving their money, or they find the services of some casinos are not really satisfactory. That is why before you start playing blackjack for real money, we strongly recommend to check out the various kinds of information available about the casinos.

How long have they been operating? How long has their operating company been famous? What is their reputation? What are other gamblers saying about this or that online casino? What kind of bonuses could you count on having? What are the promotions on offer for regular players? Can I train and play for free before I decide to play for real money?

There are many questions you should get the answers before the beginning of your real money gambling adventures online. Like any adventure, this requires certain attention; and of course, some necessary preparations as well! But if you do a little of homework before you begin, your chances of getting the best gaming experience, and of course of actually winning the game, will, of course, be substantially higher!